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Upper Valley Recycling & Compost has a rich history in providing  Napa Valley agricultural and neighboring farm communities with balanced organic compost for their farming practices since 1992.  The basis for our compost blends is Napa Valley grape pomace derived from post-harvest and winemaking production grape seeds, skins and stems.  Research-tested, these organic soil amendments applied at given ratios can increase crop yields and bring vitality back to depleted soils. 


It has always been our mission to partner with our local community to produce an excellent compost to benefit the world-renowned California agricultural industry.


Our compost has been a beneficial cost-effective farming practice used widely in our industry.


Benefits of Napa Valley Compost


High organic nutrient content & breaths life into depleted soils

Increases water retention

Aids drainage in clay or heavy soils

Reduces soil diseases

High in nitrogen & calcium

Research shows Application in vineyards has produced greater leaf growth & yield

Works as a natural option for weed suppression


Choosing local reduces the carbon footprint of trucking

& closes the loop on sustainability

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