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Upper Valley Recycling & Compost understands that feeding soil with balanced organic nutrients is important in farming to provide you with the yields of fruit expected each year. It has always been our mission that our compost operation has helped our great agricultural industry.

Our compost has been a beneficial cost-effective farming practice used widely in our industry.


Benefits of Napa Valley Compost


High organic nutrient content & breaths life into depleted soils

Increases water retention

Aids drainage in clay or heavy soils

Reduces soil diseases

High in nitrogen & calcium

Research shows Application in vineyards has produced greater leaf growth & yield

Works as a natural option for weed suppression


Choosing local reduces the carbon footprint of trucking

& closes the loop on sustainability


harvest-compost copy.png

Harvest Compost is made from post-harvest grape seeds, skins, and stems then blended with 1/3 green waste. This material is composted using an aerated static pile system

Listed with: OMRI, Organic Materials Research Institute and the California Department of Food and Agriculture as an organic output material.

Price per ton FOB: $32.00

Harvest Compost

Analysis Report

restaurant-blend copy.png

Harvest Compost added to composted food waste from Napa Valley restaurants. Both composts are produced using aerated static pile methods or in a vessel with forced air.

Price per ton FOB: $37.00

Restaurant Blend

Analysis Report

blended-compost copy.png

Harvest Compost blended with 2/3 green waste mulch. This material is ground and screened to 3/8 INCH. 

Price per ton FOB: $28.50

Blended Compost

Analysis Report

top-soil copy.png

Top Soil consists of loam, and blended compost.

Price per ton FOB: $32.50

Top Soil


mulch copy.png

Green and wood material is ground and screened to 3/8 inch. It makes an excellent ground cover and can be used for erosion control. Consider this as an alternative product to straw for land recently affected by California fires.

Price per yard FOB: $30.00 plus tax 




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Harvest Compost, Blended Compost, and Restaurant Blend are registered as Organic Input Material with the California State Department of Food and Agriculture. Our original Harvest Compost is also registered with the OrganicMaterial Research Institute.

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Upper Valley Recycling Materials Recovery & Compost Facility 

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OPEN Monday Friday 8 am-3: 30 pm

Upper Valley Recycling Materials Recovery & Compost Facility 

1673 Hwy 29, St. Helena, CA. Phone 707-963-7988 Fax 707-963-7641

OPEN Monday

Friday 8am-3:30pm